About the firm

Our team has experience managing different sized, multi-disciplined and as well as complex projects. combining multi-disciplined staff members, we provide a solid and comprehensive solution for your projects. Our collective knowledge and expertise brings an abundance of experience to your projects that is unparalleled by other firms.

Our team strives to successfully accomplish work assignments and enhance the overall construction process on our projects. Winning and keeping the trust and confidence of clients makes the difference in providing great commissioning services. Pennington & Associates Commissioning assures the highest level of quality service for our clients. We exceed our clients’ expectations through exceptional performance, professionalism and cost-effective work execution. Our commissioning process is proven and it focuses on verifying and documenting that the facility and all of its systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to meet the engineering and planning team’s project requirements.

The commissioning process will provide the design team a high-level of assurance that the commissioned systems have been installed in the prescribed manner and operate within the performance guidelines set forth. P&A will provide the team an unbiased, objective view of the system’s installation, operation and performance. This process is not to take away or reduce the responsibility of the design professionals or installing contractors to provide a finished product. Commissioning is intended to enhance the quality of system start-up and aid in the orderly transfer of systems for beneficial use by the facility operations team. P&A directs the commissioning team, which is responsible for coordinating all commissioning activities with the planning teams, design professionals, construction manager, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

About the Owner

After working as a commissioning agent for Carter & Burgess, Jacobs and Sebesta Bloomberg in the construction, higher education, where Charles developed an excellent working knowledge of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, he decided to form his own company. Pennington & Associates Commissioning, LLC located in Houston, Texas opened in 2009. Charles called upon individuals that he knows and trusts to join his team. Together the team provides diverse experience in commissioning, project management, and controls system installation and verification. Pennington & Associates believes the best approach to all projects is collaboration and open communication. Our objective, early in the project, is to establish clear, concise lines of communication between all project team members. When all parties communicate to establish expectations early, everyone feels satisfied, overall project objectives are on track and all team members are integrated into commissioning process from the project’s onset. The essential ingredients in a successful collaboration are mutual respect, understanding and trust in each of the team members, resulting in a free and open discussion of ideas and sharing of project information. This process begins with a common agreement on the  ultimate goals for the project. Our initial sessions will establish a common vocabulary and understanding of project objectives from which all team members will work.



AABC Commissioning Group

City of Houston

State of Texas

Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County

City of Houston

"Jacobs has had the pleasure of working with Pennington & Associates Commissioning on multiple projects. They have always been responsive, collaborative, and communicative. Key projects where we have worked together include IAH Terminal B South, IAH Terminal A Electrical Vault Replacement, and Texas Children’s West Campus Hospital. I would recommend the inclusion of Pennington & Associates Commissioning on future projects and enjoy working with them on both a personal and professional level."
Stephen A. Clarke, P.E.
Managing Principal
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