P&A Commissioning assures the highest level of quality service for our clients. Our engineered systems verification expertise lies in the following:

Fundamental LEED Commissioning

Domestic Water Systems
Renewable Energy
Lighting Controls

Enhanced LEED Commissioning

10 Month Warranty
Lessoned Learned Meeting
Systems Manual

Building Automation Systems

Controls Programming
System Startups
Graphic Generation/Navigation
Point to Point Verification

Life Safety Systems

Fire Alarm and Protection
Smoke Evacuation
Stairwell Pressurization
Elevator Recall
Emergency Power System Verification
Nurse Call
Pneumatic Tubing

Building Envelope Verification

Moisture Management
Building Performance Evaluations
Thermal Imaging
Optimal Energy Performance Achievement

Miscellaneous Services

Owner Training
Owner Representation
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Coordination

Our Process

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  1. Facilitate and document the Owner’s Project Requirements.
  2. Verify the Commissioning Process activities are clearly identified in the Contract Documents.
  3. Update the CxPlan during each phase of the project to incorporate changes and additional information.
  4. Attend a portion of the Contractor training sessions to verify the objectives of the training are being met.
  1. Integrate the Commissioning Process activities into the project schedule.

  2. Prepare a Commissioning Plan that describes the extent of the Commissioning process to accomplish the Owner’s Project Requirements.

  3. Issue Pre-Functional Checklists which are primarily static inspections and procedures to prepare the equipment or system for initial operation.

  4. Develop the Issues Log to be used throughout the duration of the project
  1. Review the Contract Documents with respect to completeness in all areas relating to the Commissioning Process. This includes verifying that the Owner’s Project Requirements have been achieved, and that there are adequate devices included in the design to properly test the systems and assemblies and document proper performance.

  2. Review submittals, shop drawings and RFI, and offer comments related to Cx issues.

  3. Periodically review Record Drawings for accuracy with respect to the installed systems.
  1. Provide Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning.
  2. Submit documentation required to achieve LEED certification.
  3. Provide site observation reports identifying installation issues not consistent with Owner Project Requirements.
  4. Facilitate Functional Performance Testing which verifies the dynamic testing of systems under full operation in various modes.
  5. Coordinate Contractor training
  6. Witness system & assembly testing
  7. Provide systems manual as an Operations and Maintenance staff troubleshooting tool.
  8. Assemble the final documentation into the Final Commissioning Report.
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