Project Deliverables

This deliverable list is used to define scopes of work and implement processes to achieve successful on-time completion of project milestones and client expectations.

Commissioning Plan

Defines the commissioning team member roles and responsibilities during the commissioning process.


Commissioning Specification

Defines the equipment to be commissioned and identifies the various testing requirements.


Basis of Design

A document consisting of the design calculations and parameters used to achieve the Owner's Project Requirements according to the applicable standards and regulations.


Owner's Project Requirements

A document containing the requirements such as hours of operation, number of full time employees and desired comfort levels.


Pre-Functional Checklists

Forms issued by the Commissioning Authority to the contractor to verify that the equipment is stored properly, installed correctly and satisfies the Functional Performance Testing requirements.


Functional Performance Tests

A document administered by the Contractor under direct supervision of the Commissioning Authority which verifies and documents the system responses, BAS interface and compliance with Owner's Project Requirements under normal operating conditions.


Discrepancy Log

Identifies deficiencies discovered during Functional Performance Testing which require follow up corrective action.


Final Report

Consists of data related to the individual systems, sub systems and the commissioning process, incorporated into a usable information resource which is instrumental in troubleshooting and familiarizing personnel with system details.